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Our company has been providing flue work since the date of our establishment. If you would like to know more about the services we can provide you, or if you would like a free and easy quote, contact us today.

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ABOUT flue liners

Why do we need a flue liner? It's always the question customers ask. The simple answer is that most chimneys have either deteriorated over time or they are over sized for your appliance, making them less efficent and not compliant with current building regulations or manufacturers instructions (most manufacturers state to line the chimney if it's over 200mm).

With solid fuel or wood, the test is more stringent than gas and involves blocking off your chimney at both the high and low level and checking for any escape of smoke in the chimney, loft spaces and bedrooms. This is called the 'bag test', which we can do if required. There is a high fail rate for this test so always look at flue liner pricing incase. If your chimney passes the 'bag test' and is the correct size as set by building regulations or the manufacturer then you do not need to have a liner but may require a pot and cowl.

Please note: open fires that fail a test require an 200mm liner. Whilst old cottages and large houses can accommodate this size liner, most small terraced properties cannot. We highly recommend you ensure a  test is carried out first and plan for a woodburner if it fails.

Gas fires are much simpler. We will conduct a flue flow test from below with a visual check of the smoke exiting your chimney, loft spaces and rooms above. This check is sufficient enough to tell us whether or not a liner is required. As with solid fuel, the same rule applies for open gas fires as they will require a 200mm liner, which will not fit most small or new chimneys.

There are two different quality flue liners. The 316/316 is used as standard as is mainly for wood fires and short term use. It is also the cheaper option. The 904/904 is a better quality flue liner with a longer guarantee and is for more coal based stoves and continuous use. We would always advise to pay that little bit extra and have the superior 904/904 liner as when it comes to home improvements, you want to make sure you invest in a longer-lasting product.

We ensure all chimneys are swept before any test is done and/or before any new liner is installed. Remember, even if you have a new flue liner installed with pot and cowl, they still need to be serviced regularly by a competent person and a certificate issued (no goods are covered/guaranteed if there is no receipt of service).