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What we can do for you

Our company has been servicing stove and flue work since the date of our establishment. If you would like to know more about the services we can provide you, or if you would like a free and easy quote, contact us today.

All wood burning and gas appliances must be maintained and serviced regularly. The regularity of the service depends on the usage and type of the appliance, ranging from gas fires which need to be serviced once a year to wood burning appliances which need to be serviced twice a year.

We offer a full sweep and service which includes changing stove rope, testing carbon detectors, replacing silicon or fire cement joints and re-spraying where necessary. We can also conduct a camera inspection on problem/blocked chimneys and nest removal where required. There's not one problem that we do not already have the experience in and the training/skills to overcome.

Please note: some stoves that we do not supply ourselves, may need a special rope kit from the manufacturers. This additional piece of equipment may add to a standard price so provide us with the make and model of any appliance you require us to do a safety check or service on, in advance.


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